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PU Pre-Insulated Piping

General Conditions :
This insulated pipe can be used for distribution process in hot water system, cold water system, steam system, or any other application. the purpose of this insulated pipe using Polyurethane (PU) is still to increase the efficiency of the system, with the other word is to decrese the power which used to maintain the temperature during the distribution process. The material of this insulated pipe can be varied  such as : copper pipe, PVC pipe, steel pipe, or aluminum pipe, depend on it's application. The  internal diameter of insulated pipe can be up to 14 inch, with 1 inch  to 2 inch of PU insulated layer thickness.

Building Project and some Industrial us such as : Shopping mall, Hotel, Office, Production plant and ather application for chiller and air conditioning system

Application :
- Chiller water piping
- Air conditioning piping
- Production Plant


Insulation Thickness & Casing Galvanized Spiral Hose

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